Pereira's 1898 translation from which this e-book was scanned is in the Cornell University Library.

This e-book was originally made available by the Internet Archive at

For this edition, I made corrections for OCR errors and reformatted the references to be more readily usable in an e-book. I made no effort to modernize the English or make the language inclusive. There is the possibility that I introduced errors, particularly where I typed the scripture references in-line.

A scan the untranslated Spanish book may be found in the Internet Archive at
The Spanish version has 100 meditations, whereas Pereira seems to have translated only the first twenty six. Robert Southwell, S.J. (1561-1595) translated all one hundred, according to
but I could find no online source for this. Thus, I will leave translation of the remaining 74 meditations as an adventure for another day.

Art Eschenlauer, 2016