Lord’s Prayer in Blank Verse

Great Spirit, Who created time and space,
we praise You for Your Love and handiwork.
May we support Your labor every day
to manifest Your plan for Love on earth.

We see ourselves each day strive to obtain
our nourishment for body and for soul;
may we grow to be constantly aware
of Your provision for our daily need.

Great Spirit, when our peers fail to assist
us in our efforts to get by and thrive,
please make us grateful that they are alive,
forgiving them as You’ve forgiven us.

And, when the tempter comes to snare
us with the doubts that we are worthy of Your Love,
Great Spirit make a Light shine from above
to show the Path that will deliver us.

Creator Who reigns over us in Love:
You serve us, showing us the way that we
may serve each other, making real Your reign
of never-ending Mercy, Joy, and Peace.

Reciting the Lord’s Prayer is so habitual that my attention can wander. As I have encountered others’ paraphrases, I have found that my attention is drawn more immediately to the meaning. I decided to put what this prayer means to me into my own words. At first, I imagined making it rhyme, but I found that blank verse was sufficient.

— Art Eschenlauer, Pentecost 2020

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