Soneto a Cristo Crucificado: "No Me Mueve, Mi Dios"

No Me Mueve Mi Dios

Setting by Domenico Mazzocchi. Rome, 1640.

Arrangement for Baritone, Harp, and Cello, Art Eschenlauer, 2017.

Domenico Mazzocchi (1592-1665) wrote this setting of the sonnet to the crucified Christ, "No Me Mueve, Mi Dios".
Mazzocchi, Domenico. Musiche sacre, e morali : a una, due e tre voci. 1640, Rome, Lodouico Grignani, pp 9-11.
(facsimile catalog record at USA Library of Congress
Online browsable edition
from the music library of Bolgona, catalog record

Art Eschenlauer added words in English and added the harp part to Mazzocchi's unfigured bass.

This song is technically very challenging to sing (at least for me), particularly the melismata.
The piece could certainly be performed at more than 80 beats per minute - it's just that I can barely keep up at that pace.
It is my hope that this performance, notwithstanding its defects, will inspire others to sing or arrange this piece.

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The sonnet "No Me Mueve, Mi Dios" is anonymous, probably written during the early 16th Century.
It was known to and disseminated by the first Jesuits some one hundred years before the first known printed copy, which is dated 1628.
Traditionally, it has been has been recited devotionally or while receiving the eucharist.
[Huff, Mary Cyria. The Sonnet "No Me Mueve, Mi Dios" - Its Theme in Spanish Tradition. 1948, Washington DC, The Catholic University of America Press.]